Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Technology in the Classroom for the Student and Teacher

As I look at my blog, I am embarrassed that I haven't posted anything since (gasp) June of 2012. Eeek! It isn't that I haven't been using technology, I have; I am just really busy learning a new curriculum. In fact, this month I am finally teaching everything for the second time and can evaluate the lessons, tweek them, improve them etc.

In the meantime, I did present the following presentation at the Wisconsin WEMTA conference last Spring. At the time, I decided to use that as a portfolio for keeping track of the neat things we do in the classroom. That hasn't worked, so I am returning to my blog.

My presentation included using technology as a teacher with a class website, Google Docs and other resources, along with the technology the students use in my class. We are a 1:1 district and this year every student has a Chromebook that loads in 8 seconds, so we tend to take technology for granted. But I remain steadfast in using technology when it improves a lesson, not just to replace pencil and paper. Therefore, we use it sporadically and usually with a choice of non-tech use also.

Enough rambling, please enjoy browsing through my presentation.


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