Friday, February 24, 2012

Creating eBooks

One of my second grade teachers would like to have her students create eBooks to publish their country studies learning. She would also like to have them record themselves reading the story as they so enjoy using the website Tumblebooks where they can listen while they read. We brainstormed a bit and came up with the following ideas for both recording and not recording voice. Additionally, I showed her the options in this website which include having the students create a real eBook that can be read on portable reading devices. I hope this spurs some ideas in your classroom.

Create eBooks
1.       Use Power Point (our students are secure in this software)
a.       Show them different page layouts
b.      Clip art has many good pictures of both the country and general pictures
2.       From here, to create an eBook that you can listen to, see #3. To create an eBook that you just read, see #4
3.       Add voice
a.       Save the Power Point slides as .jpgs
b.      Insert them in Photo Story
c.       Have the students record themselves reading it (parent volunteer?)
d.      Save them as a wmv file
e.      Combine all the wmv files into Movie Maker to make one movie (or you can make multiple smaller ones)
f.        Upload this movie to the internet
4.       Without Voice
a.       Save the Power Point slides as .pdfs
b.      Upload them to Flipsnack
                                                               i.      You can keep them each separate and have 20 books
                                                             ii.      You can upload three at a time to create one Flipsnack, so that would be about seven for your class
                                                            iii.      Use a website to combine all of them into one .pdf to create one book


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