Friday, January 27, 2012

Worksheet Alternative to Teaching Character Traits

One of our third grade classes was working on Character Traits. Each student was given a few traits and were to find the definition. To reinforce learning, and learn the tech skill of saving pictures from the internet, the students had to locate pictures that helped describe their trait. Using the safe image websites of and, the students proceeded to find and save pictures, and then insert them in a Word document with explanatory sentences.

They soon found out that not all traits are easily described by a picture, and it took some imaginative thinking to find a picture to match. This activity really supported some higher level thinking that helped build mastery learning, more so than a worksheet would have.


  1. That's great! I love your use of flipsnack and pictures online. My fourth grade class just did some work with character traits and we used acting to help us define many traits in a short period of time. I would say a trait and the kids would freeze into a silent pose demonstrating the trait. It led to some interesting conversation.

    1. Thank you and what a great idea you have also! It really reinforces a concept when we offer these different options to learning.